Artist Statement

As a photographer that has completely embraced iphoneography, my artistic visual eye has developed tenfold. I want people to look at everything because EVERYTHING is art. All the so-called rules should be broken when it comes to taking a picture because with this technology all perspectives can become extraordinary.

I study both lighting and texture. If an object has potential to be stronger, I'll bring that element out or if the subject has a calm, soothing look, I like to make the average eye feel calm and relaxed as they view the end result. I also love to use enhanced textured paper to make the image "pop" and to even make the viewer ask the question, "Is this really a photograph?”

As a photographer and artist, iphoneography has changed my life and vision. For over a year now all of my photographs have been taken, processed and completed with only the iPhone. With the iPhone, my artistic vision has allowed me to produce a portfolio that at one time I only dreamed of having. When I graduated photography school, digital images were in the infant stages of development, and now the most incredible technology is in the palm of my hand.